One of the best 3d rendering project – Ms. Ashley Private House
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One of the best 3d rendering project – Ms. Ashley Private House

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Ms. Ashley’s 3D renderings are created by K-Render Studio’s understanding of design ideas and professionalism. This product has helped the design company a lot in convincing the house owner about the design. Let’s read together the article below for details!

Ms. Ashley design idea

In order to be able to create the most realistic and customer-friendly renderings, K-Render Studio understands every detail of the design concept.

Layout of the house

Ms. Ashley house has an interconnected living room and kitchen space and one bedroom.

Ms. Ashley-project-by-k-render-studio
Common living space of Ms. Ashley

The design of the kitchen living space without dividing walls has become popular in apartments to make the house more spacious.

The light that design company wants the house to have

This is an east facing apartment. Therefore, the designer wanted to show the natural light of the morning in this house. Natural light full of life and energy is required.

Furniture used in Ms. Ashley house

The interior of the house is selected from famous brands. Therefore, the painter needs to be meticulous in rendering to fully describe the beauty of the interior.
Our 3D renderings of Ms. Ashley house met all the design’s requirements
By understanding the design ideas of customers, our team has spent a lot of effort to create the best product. Ms. Ashley’s 3D renderings are made possible by the following factors:

The light

Natural light appears in every area of ​​the house.

Ms. Ashley-project-by-k-render-studio-1
Natural light shines brightly into the house

Natural light shines through large windows into the house. The handling of natural light to make the interior space bright but not glare shows the professional skills of our rendering artists.

The light hitting the furniture causes them to cast shadows on the floor. It also creates a contrast between light and dark, creating a realistic look like a photograph.


There are different types of materials used in Ms. Ashley such as wood, stone, leather and fabric. In order for the rendering to be realistic and vivid, each material needs to be rendered in detail.

Ms. Ashley-project-by-k-render-studio-3
Every material is rendered meticulously

The material details on the furniture are meticulously drawn by the artist. Every wood grain, stone pattern or fabric fibers on the carpet are clearly visible.
The artist’s ingenuity is also shown in the depiction of light reflections of materials. If rendering artists can’t do this, the material will certainly be less realistic.

Rendering angles

In order for viewers to have the most objective view of the house space, choosing the right camera angle is extremely necessary.

Ms. Ashley-project-by-k-render-studio-4
The horizontal angel is mainly used in this project

In the Ms. Ashley project, camera angles are located at different positions in the house. In addition, the horizontal camera angle is mainly used. Thanks to that, viewers can visit the house from many different angles.

Feedback of our products from the client

After each project is completed, our 3D rendering studio looks forward to customer feedback. The Ms. Ashley project has received many positive feedbacks from the design company.

  • Product quality satisfaction. Our client has given many compliments on the 3D rendering product. The product has shown very well the design spirit as well as meeting the requirements.
 Ms. Ashley-project-by-k-render-studi-5
Our client is very satisfied with high quality product
  • Satisfaction with time: Finished product 3 days earlier than expected. Customers acknowledge K-Render Studio’s efforts in trying to complete not only interior rendering but also exterior rendering of the project as quickly as possible.
  • Satisfaction with work style. Customers always get the fastest support when needed. This contributes to improving the quality of rendering services.

After each project takes place, K-Render Studio has gained a lot of experience. We always want our products to bring customers a lot of value.