Some special things of the best 3d rendering studio – K-Render
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Some special things of the best 3d rendering studio – K-Render

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K-Render with its vast experience and number of projects has achieved a great position in the architecture and visualization industry. Behind their success there are interesting stories about people, about the best projects. This article will tell you what you should care about this 3D rendering studio.

The development of K-Render – The Best 3D Rendering Studio

Mr. Ryan is a young architect with a lot of potential. He wanted to start his own architectural design firm when he returned to Vietnam in 2010 after studying abroad in San Antonio, Texas. Ryan spent two years as an architect for an architectural firm in Vietnam, where he received positive feedback from his customers, in order to get more expertise in the industry and to transfer the architectural culture gained overseas to Vietnam.

K-Render Studio – One of the best 3D rendering studio

During his job, he discovered that design alone isn’t enough; most engineers can design but struggle to sell their work to clients. To resolve the issue, he recalled a 3D rendering service he had seen in the United States. Ryan chose to start his own firm, K-Render, a 3D rendering studio that provides 3D rendering services, after gaining substantial contacts and finances from over two years.

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Our architectural visualization services

K-Render became one of the top 3D architectural studios after more than 8 years of business and gained positive comments from clients. K-Render offers the following architectural visualization services:

  • Interior rendering services are a type of service that allows you to see interior design concepts in a building. Customers’ drawings or ideas will be sent to our 3D rendering studio, which will create the finest pictures possible based on their preferences for lighting, materials, and layout in a space inside the building.
Interior rendering services of our 3D rendering studio
  • Exterior rendering services: Our 3D rendering studio offers architectural visualization services for the building’s exterior area so that investors and architects may get a clear picture of the project and avoid issues in the future.
Exterior rendering services of our 3d rendering studio
  • Aerial rendering services: A bird’s eye angle can assist you visualize how the building interacts with the huge space behind it. Our 3D rendering studio is certain that we can do this service faster than others.
  • Architectural design services: K-Render consists of professional architects with extensive expertise in this field, so our 3D rendering studio also can do all requirements of architecture design. This service may be used with 3D rendering services to provide a more comprehensive package.

K-Render Studio has a special offer for 3D rendering services.

Our 3D rendering studio, K-Render, has an extremely reasonable price, even cheaper when you compare the quality of 3D rendering services that we provide. As architects, our 3D rendering studio’s artists always understand clearly the architectural styles such as vernacular modern architecture style, contemporary style,… that the customers want.

Our 3D rendering studio now offer attractive promotion for new partners, with architectural visualization services bundles that are significantly discounted: 9,9$ per sqm + free consultants.

To get early offers, please contact us at the following hotline/ Whatsapp:
Mr Ryan, the CEO of K-Render Studio, may be reached at (+84)855555961.

The highest-quality projects of our 3D rendering studio

With excellent architectural visualization services, our 3D rendering studio has done a lot of projects, here are some of the standout ones

  • Casanova Showroom – a commecial architectural rendering studio
Casanova – A commecial projects of our 3D rendering studio
  • Kenli Showroom – another commecial projects of our 3D rendering studio
Casanova – An other commecial projects of our 3D rendering studio