How to find a rendering company with reputable hotel rendering service
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How to find a rendering company with reputable hotel rendering service

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Through the following article, we will introduce in detail for you to understand the concept of hotel rendering and the studios that provide this type of service.

What is hotel rendering?

Hotel rendering is an activity in which architects use computer software to create a 3D image depicting the most detailed and realistic of the hotel project or certain hotel project you are working on.

How to find a reputable hotel rendering company

In this section, we will show you how to find reputable hotel rendering companies.

Search for hotel rendering companies through existing relationships 

The available relationships are acquaintances, relatives or friends who have worked before. Why should you choose companies that provide hotel rendering services based on existing relationships?

You can find reputable company base on your old relationships
  • Firstly, people you know or have worked with before will be able to understand your working style and working spirit. They will quickly catch ideas and understand your working thinking in the fastest way. As for hotel rendering, it’s an artistic and aesthetic field. Therefore, in a job like this hotel rendering, you need to cooperate with people you have worked with before.
  • Secondly, when working with hotel rendering companies that someone you know works there or someone you know introduces them to you, this will make you more comfortable and trust them. It will make the process of working between the two parties become much faster and easier.

Searching for a hotel rendering company on social networks

Nowadays, social media is the best tool for finding information from many different sources. You can completely filter the source of useful information or vice versa. Anyway, you always get what you need, specifically here is a company with the most prestigious hotel rendering service.

You can find reputable company on the social network
  • Firstly, you can look for companies to outsource these hotel rendering services on popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram or Youtube, Google.. However, for the reason that the above social networks are all where there is too much information to sell and recommend their own services. Therefore, sometimes the information you find will not be authentic and not 100% accurate. There will be a lot of spam sources and a lot of spam. You need to be really alert to screen and choose the hotel rendering company that best suits you.
  • Secondly, besides the social networks we mentioned above, you can refer to other social networks. For example: Linkedin, Behance, Pinterest, .. These social networks all have a large number of users interested in architecture and 3D rendering. They often post their 3D renderings here to attract customers to them. With your desire to find a hotel rendering company, we are sure you will find the information you want.

Looking for a company with a reputable hotel rendering service on channels that expand opportunities for the job

In addition to the two main and important methods as we have suggested above, here we will also introduce you to other tools, other options for you to consider further. Those are job search sites for people.

You can find reputable company on job search sites

For example, you can refer to and access the Upwork website to find companies that specialize in providing domestic and foreign hotel rendering services and exterior 3D rendering services.

Firstly, there are more freelancers on sites like Upwork. You can easily search for famous hotel rendering companies that have a lot of votes and reputation on them. Besides the hotel rendering companies appearing above or the 3D rendering or freelancers appearing at the top, you can spend some time searching for the freelancers or companies below. That way you have an overview of reputable hotel rendering companies and choose the one that is most suitable for you.

Secondly, besides the advantages we mentioned above, there are also limitations that you need to avoid when looking for information about hotel rendering companies on channels like Upwork. That’s a lot of scams and fakes. You should carefully research the hotel rendering people you will work with. Tips for you to be able to identify fake companies or scam freelancers are very simple.


  • You can visit the official website or related social media channels of the freelancer or hotel rendering company to verify the information. Specifically, the information that needs to be verified is the phone number, address, previous qualifications and reviews of other customers..
  • Next, you can also check the frequency of posting of this freelancer or company specializing in this hotel rendering to keep an eye on how they work. As well as knowing how their working style is, is it suitable for you or not.
  • Also, if it’s a company that’s in the business of long-term hotel rendering or 3D rendering in general, they’ll have information on official government websites. You will be able to easily search their tax code. 

Suggestions on the most reputable hotel rendering service provider

One of the most professional, reputable hotel rendering service and great exterior rendering companies that we want you to refer to and know more about is K-Render Studio. 

  • K-Render Studio is a company founded in 2012. Up to now, they have nearly 10 years of working experience in the 3D rendering market. This is also one of the first companies to have 3D rendering services in Vietnam.
  • With a team of well-trained and highly qualified staff, K-Render will surely understand the design intent as well as advise you with information and knowledge about rendering and hotel rendering.

In addition to the above professional information, you can actually see some of K-Render Studio’s products below!

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K-Render Studio’s products Friday bar project

Although there have not been many projects focused on hotel rendering, if you have the opportunity to cooperate with customers on such large projects, K-Render will not let you down!