The different interior rendering process of the Friday bar project
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The different interior rendering process of the Friday bar project

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Friday bar is the first project that K-Render Studio accepts to work on bar furniture. In the following article, we will introduce in detail the rendering process of this special project. 

Basic information about Friday bar

In this section, we will give basic information about the Friday bar project.

Client’s initial idea of ​​Friday bar project 

Friday bar is a place designed to serve the needs of customers who have a preference for going to bars in the evening to relax and chat with friends. That is the main purpose of this project.

Layout of the Friday bar project
  • After K-Render we had the opportunity to talk and discuss with the customer – the owner of Friday bar, the team of architects at K-Render felt extremely satisfied with this project. We feel extremely excited when the Friday bar project is built successfully.
  • Next, in the meeting, the customer also expressed what they want to do for this Friday bar project. Because the architects of K-Render Studio are all highly qualified people, they understand the design and rendering intentions of the client for the Friday bar project.

We quickly went to the step of signing the contract. And the production team of K-Render Studio has embarked on rendering and creating the best quality product for Friday bar.

Layout of the Friday bar project

The interior space of Friday bar is more than 200 square meters. From the inside out, there are seats for customers who want to relax at this Friday bar.

Friday bar also builds and arranges more special rooms, reserved for VIP guests and by appointment. Besides, it is indispensable for the splendid bar in the central location of Friday bar.

K-Render rendering process with the Friday bar project

In this next section, we’ll dive deeper into the Friday project’s rendering.

Using the right lighting and colors for the Friday bar project

The first important factor in the rendering process of all projects, big or small, is the light and tone for the whole space.

Using the right lighting and colors for the Friday bar project
  • Firstly, because this is a bar model, the scene when Friday bar is active will be mainly in the evening and at night. So K-Render’s team of architects tried to create an evening scene for Friday bar’s rendering. We used the techniques and editing tools of the most professional rendering software. This will greatly improve the quality and realism of Friday bar renderings.
  • Secondly, we also use the Friday bar color scheme as agreed with the client in the previous meeting. Besides, while producing renders for Friday bar projects, we still keep in touch and consult customers regularly. After receiving feedback and suggestions on the rendered product, our production team tweaked it to best suit the customer’s wishes.

Choosing the most suitable furniture

Furniture or the material of the objects inside the house is also the second factor that you should pay attention to when learning about the Friday bar rendering process.

Choosing the most suitable furniture
  • Firstly, the furniture we chose for the Friday bar project are objects made of wood, brick and stone that are shiny and spotless. To be able to give those objects a shine, our production team also uses tools in the rendering software. As a result, the final product has the most realistic details and matches the customer’s wishes.
  • Secondly, with the evening space like this Friday Bar project and Ms. Ashley project, the furniture as well as their materials are also discussed very carefully by our production team. To be able to accurately and realistically render the space of Friday bar, our team took a lot of editing. For the purpose of viewers looking at the illustrated product, they can imagine that this is a real-life work, not a 3D rendering. Therefore, we took full advantage of different rendering skills and tools and came up with the best Friday bar product.

Use the right photography angle for the Friday bar project

And finally, the photography angle factor. The angle of the photo is as important as the two factors we mentioned above of the Friday bar project. So why is the angle of the shot in the render so important?

Use the right photography angle for the Friday bar project
  • Firstly, the photography angle will let the viewer know and observe the entire interior space inside the Friday Bar project. If in a room, we use many shooting angles, the viewer or the people who evaluate the rendered product will be much more sympathetic. This will show them the design intent as well as the whole story that the project owner wants to convey through this Friday bar project.
  • Secondly, the shooting angle will depend on the area of ​​each room for Friday Bar and different contexts. We will give appropriate advice for each customer’s room area so that you can confidently choose the most suitable shooting angle.

Conclusion and feedback from customers about Friday bar

After completing the payment procedure as well as finalizing the final image for the Friday bar project’s render, we have received extremely positive feedback. from the customer side. They also have an invitation that if Friday bar opens a new facility, they will hire K-Render to render and render for them. This is what our company always wants to hear from our customers. You can see more in best 3D rendering company.