Exterior rendering and things that will surprise you
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Exterior rendering and things that will surprise you

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Exterior rendering is a phrase that may be new to those who do not know much about rendering architecture. However, for those who are starting to learn about rendering, the concept of exterior rendering will be a very interesting thing. So what is exterior rendering and what features should be noted, let’s find out in the article below!

Exterior rendering overview

First, we’ll cover what you need to know about exterior rendering.

The concept of exterior rendering

Exterior rendering is the process of expressing a building’s exterior design concept with 3D images (static and dynamic), simulating the building’s virtual reality.

The concept of exterior rendering

Exterior rendering is used in the fields of construction and architecture. In addition, it also visualizes the outside, is part of the exterior design and has the ability to clearly show the relationship between the building and the surrounding objects.

Incredible benefits of exterior rendering

Exterior rendering was invented as a huge step forward in architecture. Instead of using many traditional ways to present construction ideas such as word of mouth or 2D rendering, today most artists choose 3D visualization for exterior design. The reason is that it brings great benefits not only to architectural firms but also to the clients.

Benefits of exterior rendering for architectural firms

Firstly, exterior rendering helps architectural firms increase their ability to contract with clients.

Benefits of exterior rendering for architectural firms
  • Your architectural firm will get more client contracts thanks to the incredible benefits of exterior rendering. Exterior rendering will help your projects become more realistic, customers will be able to clearly feel the idea of ​​each project. From there, they will easily make a decision to choose and order your work. This will contribute to increasing the number of contracts signed by your company.

Secondly, exterior rendering services from the best 3D rendering studio will enhance your architectural firm’s brand value.

  • Exterior rendering will make it easier for a client with little architectural knowledge to understand the architectural firm’s idea. Through exterior rendering, customers are sure to appreciate the company’s brand value. Besides, exterior rendering will set your company apart from other companies that do not use exterior rendering.
Exterior rendering will enhance your architectural firm’s brand value

In the end, all the benefits of exterior rendering will contribute to the increased revenue and profit of the architectural firm.

Benefits of exterior rendering for clients

Firstly, exterior rendering will explain in more detail the materials, lighting and colors of the building’s exterior through the most realistic photographs. From there, they will be able to understand the architectural firm’s exterior concept in that project.

Benefits of exterior rendering for clients

After that, customers will be able to check, give feedback and suggestions so that the architectural firm can fix and edit as required. This will help the cooperation process of both parties go smoothly, conveniently and avoid many risks.

Secondly, exterior rendering helps clients compare the similarities between the final exterior work and the architectural firm’s exterior concept. Based on that, the contract between the client and the architectural firm will be completed in the shortest possible time.

How to get a quality exterior rendering

In the next section, we’ll give you options to consider when choosing exterior rendering

Cooperate with exterior rendering companies.

To get a good quality exterior rendering, the best way is to cooperate with reputable exterior rendering companies.

Cooperate with exterior rendering companies
  • These companies will often have their own exterior rendering services. That means they already have pre-purchased exterior rendering software and tools to serve the needs of their customers.You will be able to get quality renders from the software that the architectural rendering company has.
  • Next, exterior rendering companies will have professional and qualified rendering artists to provide customers with the highest quality renderings and customer satisfaction.
  • As a serious organization and business, exterior rendering companies will have a professional working style and have their own principles. This will help customers a lot in the working process of both sides.
  • Exterior rendering services of a large company can be expensive, but if you choose mid-range exterior rendering companies, the price they offer will be more suitable for you.
Exterior rendering companies will have professional rendering artists

Besides, when cooperating with exterior rendering companies, there are still disadvantages such as:

  • You may take time to find out information about those companies. Make sure that these companies are not scams before you should contact them.
  • But the chances of the exterior rendering companies showing signs of fraud will be less than the rest. And you can completely check the credibility of that company easily.

Cooperate with rendering artist

The next option is that you can cooperate with rendering artists to get satisfactory renderings.

Cooperate with rendering artist will cost saving
  • Artists will be highly qualified and specialized in this field. They will provide you with the exterior renderings you desire.
  • When choosing rendering artists, you will not spend a lot of time searching because there are many freelancers working in this field online.
  • In addition, the cost you have to spend to hire a rendering artist will be cheaper than other architecture firms.

On the other hand, when collaborating with rendering artists, there will also be some risks as follows:

You have to be very careful when hiring rendering artists
  • Firstly, because you only hire a rendering artist, if your project is a complex exterior work, they will not be able to meet the completion schedule. As a result, you will likely be behind schedule for the whole project and cause many other harms.
  • Secondly, you have to be very careful when hiring rendering artists. Because this job can have a higher risk of fraud than exterior rendering companies.

Self-training an exterior rendering department

This is the last way you can apply if there is a need for exterior rendering. Similar to the above two ways, Self-training an exterior rendering department will include the following advantages and disadvantages:

  • An architectural design company that trains a visualization department by itself will help them have private classes, the architects in the company can expand their skills and knowledge of exterior rendering.
Training a visualization department by itself will help them have private classes
  • Next, you will be able to save time exchanging project information, working between the concept and exterior ideas because the designer is the rendering artist in the company, who understands the ideas best, and makes the best original idea.


  • However, self-creating an exterior rendering department will take much time for employees to learn and use the visualization software.
  • In addition, you have to carry the software purchase costs and updated version every year.
  • Because rendering artists are new to learning and do not have deep expertise, the quality of the product will not be as beautiful as the professors do.
You have to carry the software purchase costs

Based on the above suggestions, hopefully you will be able to find the most suitable cashc for you to be able to get a satisfactory exterior rendering product.

Where can you find exterior rendering services?

In this section, we will introduce where you can find exterior render services.

You find exterior rendering services through relationships available

Before doing anything, you must think about the available relationship first.

  • Because the relationships available are usually people you already know about part of their personality and their working way. Therefore, when you look for exterior rendering services through the available relationships, it will be much more beneficial for you.
You find exterior rendering services through relationships available
  • Then, you will be able to avoid possibilities like scams or scams. If you have researched and known in advance, you will have more trust and comfort in working between the two parties. This leads to contracts and agreements that will be signed quickly, without taking too much time to think.

You find exterior rendering services on social networking sites

Nowadays is the age of information technology, you can search not only for exterior rendering services but you can also search for everything on social networks.

  • Firstly, you can go to popular social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram or Youtube to search for the keyword “exterior rendering” and they will give you what you need. You can find information about exterior rendering and similar services at a variety of prices.
You can go to popular social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram,..
  • Secondly, exterior rendering is art. That’s why there are many other art-oriented social networks that you should pay attention to. For example: Behance, Linkedin or Pinterest.. These social networking sites will have a lot more practical information, and will be useful to you if you are looking for exterior rendering.

You find exterior rendering services on many job search sites for freelancers

Finally, you can search for exterior rendering services on job search platforms for exterior rendering freelancers.

  • First, exterior rendering is an area that brings together a lot of freelancers around the world. Finding a rendering artist is not difficult. You just need to visit the job search sites for exterior rendering artists and contact them, then you can have satisfactory exterior rendering products.

Popular exterior rendering freelancers job search sites such as:

  • Fiverr: Fiverr has been a site devoted to interior/exterior rendering artists for the past few years. It’s where rendering artists can create portfolios, upload their portfolios of their best projects, and engage clients who need them. In addition, Fiverr guarantees every contract, and renders are delivered as promised and on schedule by rendering artists. It’s a free market that satisfies all companies.
  • UpWork: UpWork is the largest job search service on the internet and has a large scope in all countries, different fields not only exterior rendering. However, we still recommend looking for rendering artists on the Easy Render channel rather than Upwork.

Notes on working with companies providing exterior rendering services

The next section will introduce considerations when working with organizations providing exterior rendering services.
What to prepare to hire exterior rendering services?

Firstly, when working with partner companies specializing in exterior rendering, you need to prepare the following inputs:

  • Exterior rendering ideas: You need to come up with clear ideas about exterior rendering for the company to demonstrate, understand and give you the steps to develop them and the final product that will be best for you.
  • Mood board, material board: Mood board and material board are also things you need to prepare to provide the company with exterior renderings. These will help rendering artists better visualize your work.
Material board are also things you need to prepare to provide the company
  • Other requests about landscape, time, style: The following parameters will make the design of your project or work more detailed. Having these inputs will be more useful in the process of you and the exterior rendering company.
  • Deadline: And finally, you need to provide the exterior rendering service provider with a detailed timeline as well as the completion schedule of each job you need. This will allow you to monitor the rendering artists’ rendering.

Signs of fraud when hiring exterior rendering services

The next point to note when working with exterior rendering service providers is that you need to be really careful, to avoid being scammed by those companies. .
Here are some of the signs of scams from exterior rendering services providers:

The organization doesn’t have clear information

When you can’t find enough basic information about the provider That exterior rendering service will likely have two cases.

  • One is that the company has just been established and has no working experience.
The organization doesn’t have clear information
  • Second, it’s a fraud party, posing as exterior rendering companies to benefit themselves…
  • In either case, you must not cooperate with such companies.

The organization pushes you to pay real money fast

The mentality of the scammers often wants to get the money quickly and leave as soon as possible, leaving no trace. Therefore, if you encounter exterior rendering companies that are trying to urge you to quickly pay, then be careful and be wary of whether this company is a scam or not before transferring money and paying them.

That organization offers you unbelievable benefits

Scam exterior rendering companies will often make attractive, unbelievable offers in order to trick customers more easily with just a few minutes’ seductive words.

  • Paying for your product is a very easy picture. You just need to transfer money to the exterior rendering companies to have them work for you. Due to the nature of the industry, scammers will take advantage of those weaknesses to scam and take money from you.
That organization offers you unbelievable benefits
  • As a business person and operating in the field of exterior rendering, you must be very vigilant and watch out for those who have suspicious actions.

Recommendations for the best and famous exterior rendering companies

In the last part, we will recommend to you the top companies in the world.

K-Render Studio – The best exterior rendering studio

The first one is the K-Render company.

  • As a company established in 2013, the company specializes in providing exterior and interior rendering services.
K-Render Studio – The best exterior rendering studio
  • The company has many years of active operation and cooperation with large corporations in Vietnam as well as other corporations in the world. For example, VinGroup, Eurostyle, Flamingo..

Next, K-Render always uses professional exterior rendering software to meet the needs of customers and produce the best quality rendering products. .

  • In addition, K-Render Studio also has its head office in Vietnam and another in Texas, USA.
  • K-Render owns a large number of employees and departments are always closely connected to each other to create an overall strong company, worthy of being listed in the list of the best exterior rendering companies.

If you are interested in K-Render Studio, you can check out the company’s official website to contact exterior rendering services.

Omega Render – The second exterior rendering services providers

Omega Render is a large organization specializing in exterior rendering. Currently, they are cooperating with more than 25 countries around the world including many large partners and corporations such as: Gensler, Perkin Will, Laundry Design Group..
Next, Omega Render owns more than 1,000 projects and more. 7300 images of exterior rendering products as well as other services in the company’s portfolio.

Omega Render – The second exterior rendering services providers

Finally, the working motto of Omega Render is that they are always aiming for continuous development, never stop improving and are always a cradle to train and nurture truly capable rendering artists.

Design Blendz – The next in top of the best exterior rendering providers in the world list

Design Blendz is a company specializing in providing architecture, 3D visualization, interior/exterior rendering and construction and streamlined services works and projects large and small for real estate professionals and businesses of all sizes across the United States.

Design Blendz – The next in top of the best exterior rendering providers in the world list

Besides, some of the awards that Design Blendz has achieved are: 2020 INC. 5000 # 579, 2020 PHILADELPHIA100®, 2019 PHILADELPHIA100®, 2018 PHILADELPHIA100®..

Vrender Company – Top 4th best exterior rendering companies you must know

First, the Vrender company is a design-oriented company in New York, USA.

  • They focuses on high-end residential and commercial
  • Rendering projects using the most advanced interior/exterior rendering technologies to deliver realistic images to clients.

Next, Vrender has a team of experienced professionals, well-trained in detailed visualization, architectural design, CAD and 3D animation…

In addition, Vrender also uses and owns the most modern software technologies for exterior rendering. Vrender also relies on the support of computer browsers such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, 3DS Max, Vray, ZBrush, AE.. in the field of 3D rendering, CAD, architectural design and interior/exterior rendering.

The Pro 3D Studio – the last exterior rendering companies deserves named in this list

The Pro 3D Studio has been and is one of the leading exterior rendering companies in providing high quality and affordable exterior 3D rendering services to customers from various industries. diversified business for many years.

In addition, The Pro 3D Studio also offers solutions that extend its services to other verticals by providing comprehensive 3D rendering services to a number of architects and individual homeowners.

Through the above article, we hope you will be able to find useful information for your work and life!