Understanding the wholesale rice market is necessary
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Wholesale rice is a successful agriculture business

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Since rice is the most important staple for more than half of the world’s population, wholesale rice is always a hot market for many companies to invest in. 

The wholesale rice market’s overview

The wholesale rice market is one of the most developed businesses in the world because over 3 billion people consume rice as the main food. Therefore, the import destinations of wholesale rice spread over 5 continents.


There are many leading products in the wholesale rice market.

  • Aromatic rice includes jasmine and basmati rice, belonging to long grain rice types. This rice accounts for 16% of the wholesale rice market.
  • Indica rice is originated from Eastern India, accounting for the majority of the wholesale rice market (75%)
  • Japonica is from South China, accounting for 5% of the total wholesale rice volume.
  • Glutinous and specialty rice only account for 2-3%, which is from Southeast Asia.


Wholesale rice: major exporting countries

There are 5 major wholesale rice suppliers that are responsible for the majority of the global rice traded.

  • India is the largest wholesale rice exporter with 15.5 million metric tons exported in 2020.
  • Thailand ranks second, providing 7.5 million metric tons of rice
  • Vietnam is another major wholesale rice exporter with 6.6 million metric tons.
  • Pakistan, with 4 million metric tons, stands in the fourth position.
  • The United States is the last one with 3 million metric tons.


4 out of 5 major wholesale rice exporters are from Asia because this region has many advantages.

  • The growing areas are wide ensuring the stability of wholesale rice supply chains. For example, India has 44 million ha for rice cultivation, while Thailand has 9 million ha and Vietnam has 7.6 million ha.
  • Asia has favorable environmental conditions to grow rice such as high daytime temperatures, good soil, or plentiful water sources. 

Elements of the wholesale rice market

There are 3 main factors contributing to the development of the wholesale rice market.

  • Rice production

The supply chain of wholesale rice heavily depends on the stable rice production volume. If the amount of rice production decreases, there will be a significant decline in the wholesale rice export volume.


  • Shipment

The logistic costs will affect directly the total CIF price of wholesale rice. The cost of transportation affects the wholesale price of rice. Due to the high shipping costs, suppliers must drop the wholesale rice price to bring the final price into balance.


  • Political polices

The government’s policies are linked to a thriving wholesale rice business. For example, the amount of Vietnamese wholesale rice that can be exported to other countries is limited due to export quota regulations. Many economic industries in Thailand, notably the wholesale rice trade, have grown chaotic as a result of the country’s fragile political scenario.


Top 5 reputable wholesale rice suppliers

If you are interested in the wholesale rice market, here is a useful list of the best suppliers from Asia.

Wonnapob wholesale rice supplier

Wonnapob Company, a wholesale rice provider from Thailand, was founded in 1895. The company’s goal is to provide the highest-quality rice products that are both safe and healthy for people and the environment.


K-Agriculture wholesale rice supplier

K-Agriculture began as a tiny enterprise collecting rice and corn and has now grown to become Vietnam’s top agricultural factory. K-Agriculture has 25 years of experience and offers a wide range of wholesale rice goods, from aromatic rice to specialty rice, at a fair price. This wholesale rice provider also provides excellent customer service and prompt delivery.

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Sunrise Foodstuff wholesale rice supplier

Sunrise Foodstuff, a 10-year-old Vietnamese company, is another representation. Many consumers in Europe, Africa, the United States, and Singapore buy rice wholesale from the provider. Sunrise Foodstuff also has a large assortment of high-quality items that are backed up by numerous certificates.


Lal Qilla wholesale rice supplier

When it comes to wholesale basmati rice, Lal Qilla comes highly recommended when it comes to a firm that specializes in creating and supplying basmati rice. Located in India, the basmati rice’s birthplace, Lal Quila can bring the best products to the international market.


HAS Rice Pakistan wholesale rice supplier

HAS Rice Pakistan is a wholesale rice producer and supplier based in Pakistan, offering a wide range of high-quality grains in bundles ranging from 1kg to 100kg. The EU and the Middle East are two of this wholesale rice supplier’s most important markets.