Everything about organic brown rice in bulk
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Organic brown rice in bulk: Things every wholesaler should know

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Among many types of rice exported, organic brown rice in bulk has become more prevalent than ever. Whoever is seeking profit from this type of rice should definitely read this article.

Organic Brown Rice In Bulk: An Overview

Perceived as a good source of nutrients,  organic brown rice has appeared in many meals of people around the world. Hence, the demand for it has increased rapidly.

History of organic brown rice.

Verified by EU organic, USDA organic, Natureland, The phrase “organic” means that the product is produced through a natural and non-chemical process.

During the outbreak of the organic-brown-rice-in-bulk-1Covid-19 pandemic, health-conscious people have switched their regular carb source to organic brown rice. Thus, many wholesalers find this type of rice really lucrative.

Types of organic brown rice.

There are three types of organic brown rice with different characteristics so wholesalers can choose to trade.

  • Long-grain organic brown rice

6.5mm or more in length, long-grain organic brown rice is very easy to identify. The most popular types of long-grain organic brown rice in bulk are jasmine rice, DT08 rice, and basmati rice. 

  • Medium-grain organic brown rice 

6.5mm or less in length, medium-grain organic brown rice can sometimes be misidentified as long-grain one. The most well-known medium-grain organic brown rice in bulk is OM5451 and IR504.

  • Short-grain organic brown rice

More identifiable than two other types, short-grain brown rice is really popular among wholesalers. Japonica organic brown rice in bulk is now so common that it appears in many daily meals.


Price of Organic Brown Rice In Bulk.

The price of organic brown rice is affected by many factors like demand, cultivation,…

  • Price of Brown rice In Bulk

In comparison, the price of brown rice in bulk is cheaper than white rice in bulk from 200 USD-300 USD/metric ton. Likewise, the price of organic brown rice in bulk is cheaper than white rice in bulk from 150 USD-250 USD/ metric ton.

Due to the many favourable conditions and the status of a major exporter of rice on the global market, Vietnam has a more affordable price than others, at nearly 45,000 USD/metric ton.

In 2021, the price of organic brown rice in bulk 2021 has already increased, standing from 100,000 USD to 250,000 USD /metric ton.

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  • Price of Organic Brown Rice In Bulk

Organic brown rice in bulk is usually negotiated by sellers and buyers so it’s really tough to state a precise price for it. However, it’s always more expensive than normal organic brown rice.

Supply of Organic Brown Rice In Bulk

Favoured by weather conditions, cultivation techniques, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia are four leaders in the global brown rice market.

Myanmar is the largest brown rice exporter with 1,5 billion tons of brown rice, followed by Thailand, Vietnam. These countries not only have favourable elements to produce thí type of rice but also are supported by national policies to encourage the production.

  • Major suppliers.

The list of top three exporters of organic brown rice in bulk includes India, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Myanmar: Not named in the list of the largest rice exporters, Myanmar has the production of organic brown rice in bulk at more than 1 million tons of rice.

Thailand: second with 11 million tons

Vietnam: with approximately 7 million tons of rice.


  • Intermediate Suppliers

You can also find reliable intermediate suppliers of brown rice in bulk to import organic brown rice.

Reputable factories to trade Organic Brown Rice In Bulk.

Here’s the list of reliable exporters of brown rice that wholesalers can purchase.

K-Agriculture Factory – Best Organic Brown Rice in bulk exporter

K-Agriculture Factory has been providing high-quality brown rice in bulk for over 25 years and is supported by the Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade. With cheap prices, organic brown rice in bulk from K-Agriculture Factory has been imported by many wholesalers around the world.


Greenseed – A Thai Rice Factory

Greenseed is another organic brown rice in bulk supplier to purchase since the factory has been producing and trading this type of rice in the global market for 7 years.


SunriseIndia – An  Indian Rice Factory

Known as one of the largest exporters from India, Sunrise is now a factory of over 4000 workers. The factory has been in the market for over 8 years and only provided high-quality organic brown rice in bulk at a reasonable price.