Understanding Vietnamese coffee wholesale setting
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An overview of Vietnamese coffee wholesale industry

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To business Vietnamese coffee wholesale, people need to understand the setting of the coffee market and types of Vietnamese coffee.

General situation of Vietnamese coffee wholesale industry

Because of its high production, large acreage, and low cost, Vietnam is a top Vietnamese coffee wholesale supplier in the globe.

Vietnamese coffee production

Due to the impact of floods in October 2020 and drought in May and June 2020, Vietnam’s coffee output is expected to drop by 15% in MY 2020/21.

Vietnam is currently dealing with the fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is wreaking havoc on the country’s coffee output. In the Central Highlands, the difficult and long-running COVID-19 pandemic has caused an interruption in the coffee export chain. While the cost of maintaining production and harvesting continues to rise, many Vietnamese coffee wholesale providers are experiencing issues with the distribution, circulation, and export of goods

National output

Vietnamese coffee consumption 

MY 2018/19 MY 2019/20 MY 2020/21
Export volume 1.17 million tons 1.16 million tons 1.07 million tons
Export value 2,000 million USD 1,980 million USD 1,990 million USD

Vietnam’s coffee exports have decreased in the last three MYs due to a decline in coffee output. Furthermore, during the difficult dynamics of the Covid-19 epidemic, the policy of increasing internal consumption had an impact on Vietnamese coffee wholesale to the world market.

Vietnamese coffee export prices

Wholesale coffee bean prices on exchanges fluctuate constantly and are updated daily, allowing you to view the price changes in real-time.

MY 2018/19 MY 2019/20 MY 2020/21 (estimated)
Vietnamese coffee export prices $1,724/ton $1,751.2/ton $1,846/ton

In the last three MYs, the wholesale price of Vietnamese coffee has consistently increased, which is a positive indicator for the Vietnamese coffee sector.

Top of regions supplying largest Vietnamese coffee wholesale

Vietnamese coffee is grown in many areas stretching across Vietnam. However, the coffee growing area with the highest output is located in the Central Highlands including Kon Tum, Gia Lai, Dak Lak, Dak Nong, Lam Dong.

Reasons make these areas become the largest Vietnamese coffee wholesale regions. 

  • The tropical climate is suited for the cultivation of tropical industrial crops such as coffee.
  • In volcanically damaged places, the fertile basalt red soil is ideal for the development of large industrial crop areas.
  • On the left bank of the Mekong, the Sesan and Srepok rivers are the two primary tributaries in the Central Highlands. These two rivers have basins in five Vietnamese provinces: Kon Tum, Gia Lai, Dak Lak, Dak Nong, and Lam Dong. As a result, this area has plenty of subsurface water sources to keep the coffee growing area hydrated.
The largest Vietnamese coffee wholesale regions

The reason why Vietnam is one of the world’s leading coffee wholesalers

  • Coffee supply: Vietnam has a plentiful and consistent supply of coffee. Although there are periods when output is reduced due to the effects of climate change or epidemics, Vietnamese coffee yields are generally consistent year-round due to the large number of coffee-growing locations dispersed across the country.
  • The price is lower than the international market: because of excellent topography, climate, and weather conditions, the price of Vietnamese coffee is always lower than the global average, therefore it does not cost much to enter such problems. Furthermore, low costs are due to an abundance of Vietnamese coffee wholesale output.
  • High-quality products: A low price does not imply a low level of quality. Arabica coffee beans from Cau Dat – Da Lat are generally considered to be among the greatest Arabica beans in the world.
The reason why Vietnam is one of the world’s leading coffee wholesalers

Famous Vietnamese coffee wholesale types

The sorts of Vietnamese coffee wholesale vary greatly based on the buyers’ needs and the sellers’ supply. There are, however, two fundamental sorts.

  • Coffee beans that are still green

Green coffee beans are unprocessed coffee beans that have been peeled and dried without any additional processing. There are two main types of green coffee in Vietnam: Arabica and Robusta, with a tiny quantity of Excelsa. Robusta coffee accounts for the majority of Vietnam’s coffee production, making it the world’s top coffee exporter.

  • Coffee that has been processed

Coffee that has been roasted, ground, or processed into finished products such as instant coffee is known as processed coffee. The European market is one of the most promising for importing processed coffee from Vietnam, with the United Kingdom having the highest demand for instant coffee.

Famous Vietnamese coffee wholesale types

The demand for Vietnamese coffee wholesale has not reduced but grew during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the global economy was badly impacted. Domestic coffee consumption has also risen dramatically. Many countries throughout the world choose roasted, ground, and instant coffee for export, thus the export turnover increases, accounting for 12 percent of the entire export volume of the country.

Ways to find reliable Vietnamese coffee wholesale suppliers

  • Finding a trustworthy Vietnamese coffee wholesale supplier is critical since it directly affects The Internet is one of the most valuable free resources. The improvement of Google’s algorithm makes it easier for searchers to find trustworthy suppliers on the first page of results.
  • Thanks to the backing of global E-commerce platforms like as Amazon and Alibaba, online buying is easier than ever in the “fever” of the e-commerce business. Above, Vietnamese coffee wholesalers keep detailed information about products, purchasing options, and prices up to date.
  • Broker service is a good alternative for a newbie. A professional broker service can help you find a reputable Vietnamese coffee wholesale supplier, but you’ll have to pay a price.
  • Agricultural trade shows are usually organized by the government or large organizations and corporations to engage with other small and medium businesses. As a result, it could be a good time to look for trusted Vietnamese coffee wholesalers.
Ways to find reliable Vietnamese coffee wholesale suppliers

The top three Vietnamese coffee wholesalers

To buy Vietnamese coffee wholesale, these are the top three main coffee suppliers in Vietnam.

K-Agricultural Factory 

K-Agriculture Factory is Vietnam’s largest supplier of green coffee beans. K – Agricultural is also working with a partner, Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade – Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency – VIETRADE, to promote Vietnamese coffee wholesale to worldwide markets like the EU, the United States, and Japan.

K-Agricultural Factory

Trung Nguyen Legend

The leading instant coffee supplier in Vietnam is Trung Nguyen Legend.

Trung Nguyen Legend is a Vietnamese coffee company with a long history. This group’s strength is providing instant coffee goods with the well-known G7 brand both domestically and globally. Trung Nguyen Legend also promotes the export of roasted coffee beans to international markets.

Contact information:

Whatsapp: +84 855555837

Up Coffee

Up Coffee is Vietnam’s largest supplier of roasted coffee beans, specializing in offering Vietnamese roasted coffee at cheap prices and of exceptional quality from the Central Highlands’ famous coffee hills.