Exploring Vietnamese coffee export ranking
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Vietnamese coffee export ranking during the difficulty of Covid-19

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Currently, Vietnam’s coffee is ranked 2nd in the world for exporting. This also shows the quality of coffee beans as well as the deliciousness of Vietnamese coffee.

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Vietnamese coffee export ranking

Vietnam with the desire to maintain its position as a major coffee exporter. As well as can double the added value in coffee production by improving the yield and quality of coffee beans.

Vietnamese coffee export ranking

Vietnamese coffee export ranking takes advantage of trade agreements

On August 1, 2020, the Free Trade Agreement between Vietnam and the European Union (EVFTA) came into force. Since the agreement, Vietnamese coffee products are not subject to tax anymore. Prices will be more reasonable as well as output to international markets will be easier.

Free Trade Agreement between Vietnam and the European Union

The Vietnamese government is interested in Vietnamese coffee export ranking

The Ministry of Finance of Vietnam has supported businesses and people to grow tax-free coffee and use land, thereby promoting coffee bean exports. Enterprises are also recommended by the Ministry of Industry and Trade to focus on cultivating and developing production in association with the sustainable environment to attract consumers.

Vietnamese coffee export ranking is stabilized by objective external factors

Due to the impact of covid 19, the price of coffee beans has increased due to more difficult exports to countries. But that is also an opportunity for Vietnam to try to export coffee beans with the disease situation, thereby bringing more value.

The future of Vietnamese coffee export ranking

Vietnamese coffee export ranking will probably be improved if it can access other potential markets such as Northern Europe, India…

The identification of a Vietnamese coffee brand will affect the value of coffee exports, enhance the country’s position and build a great trust

Vietnamese coffee can improve the quality and output, access more deeply into new schools, building a Vietnamese coffee brand needs positive changes.