The preference for organic brown rice in bulk
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Organic brown rice in bulk – Things you should know before investing

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An overview of organic brown rice in bulk


Customers seem devoid of information about organic brown rice in bulk because this type of rice is not popular among all consumers.


Definition of organic brown rice in bulk

Brown japonica rice nutrious


Organic brown rice in bulk is the combination of organic rice and brown rice. It is undoubtedly true that it is the best choice for your health.

  • Brown rice is rice that is just milled to remove the husk, keeping the bran layer intact with various vitamins and trace elements good for health. As a result, it can be understood that if the degree of milling is increased, brown rice will become ordinary white rice.
  • Organic rice is farmed organically utilizing natural methods. That is, this rice variety relies solely on organic fertilizers and microorganisms, avoiding the use of insecticides, growth stimulants, pesticides, or coloring agents, scents, etc.

Organic brown rice in bulk is a clean food certified organic standards from the world’s leading organic organizations. Therefore, it is possible to distinguish organic rice from conventional rice based on certifications.


Leading products of organic brown rice in bulk


Like other rice varieites, organic brown rice is divided into three groups through the size of grains.

  • Organic short grain brown rice

Organic short grain brown rice is the sweetest and most flavorful of all rice kinds. After cooking, it becomes soft and chewy. It can be boiled, pressure-cooked, baked, or steamed on its own or with other whole grains, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, fresh or dry vegetables, or beans for a nutritious main dish. Brown rice sushi, rice balls, puddings, croquettes and burgers, salads, paella, and creamy risotto are all great uses for it. It is made entirely of healthy grains and is gluten-free.

  • Organic medium grain brown rice

Organic medium grain brown rice retains the hull and germ, which helps to boost fiber content. Its creamy yet firm texture makes it an excellent risotto ingredient. Parboiled and quick-cook options are also available.

  • Organic long grain brown rice

Simplicity is the secret to life. Organic Long Grain Brown Rice has a delicate flavor, is high in whole grains, and cooks separately, giving it the ideal canvas for your culinary creations.

Brown japonica rice


Reasons for choosing organic brown rice in bulk


Brown rice is a healthy source of nutrition for your health including fiber, phytochemical and other essential minerals. Organic brown rice in bulk possesses more health benefits than regular brown rice as well as certified organic products compared to other conventionally grown food crops contain low levels of agrochemicals that can be harmful to health.

Eating organic brown rice may provide better health benefits than eating non-organic rice. It is not yet clear whether organic foods are more nutritious than regular foods, but they contain fewer pesticides and food additives. Compared to organic food crops, conventional crops contain significantly more pesticide residues, which, depending on the pesticide and how well you absorb it, can be harmful to health. Organic foods, especially organic brown rice in bulk, are also less processed than non-organic foods, meaning they contain less colorants, flavors, sweeteners and preservatives, which are thought to be harmful. for health. Rice often loses its nutritional value during primary processing – when the outer layer is removed during refining, causing a loss of fiber content.


Suppliers of organic brown rice in bulk


Currently, organic brown rice in bulk is not available on every channel of rice suppliers because its demand is not huge and suitable for a certain number of customers so you should know some reputable suppliers of organic brown rice in bulk below.




ECOBA is a Vietnamese organic rice brand. 100% organic rice grown according to the traditional method of Vietnamese farmers. The journey of growing organic rice is arduous but worth it, from choosing natural soil/water, applying shrimp/rice crop rotation, to training farmers to adhere to organic farming. Ecoba is proud to achieve 3 organic certifications USA – Japan – Europe and brings the best quality rice grain to customers all over the world.


Lundberg Family Farms


The Lundberg family has been producing high-quality organic rice products for over four generations. Their purpose is to nurture, conserve, and innovate for a healthy planet in order to honor their family’s farming tradition. Their family has been farming healthful, great-tasting rice while responsibly tending to soil, air, water, and wildlife as carefully as our crops since 1937–you can be confident that when you pick Lundberg. One of their best organic brown rice in bulk is Organic Brown Thai Jasmine Rice.




The best rice for a tasty meal is Mahatma’s organically farmed, 100% Whole Grain Brown Rice. It is USDA Organically Certified and NON-GMO Project Verified. This gluten-free option is also environmentally friendly. Mahatma’s brown rice has a delicate nutty flavor that works well in a variety of cuisines, from classic to creative.