A list of top 5 trustworthy cinnamon oil suppliers
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Top 5 reliable cinnamon oil suppliers you should know

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We all know that oil from natural ingredients is good for our health. Besides popular types such as coconut oil or olive oil, cinnamon oil is the good choice. The article below will help you find the best cinnamon oil suppliers.

Top 5 trustworthy cinnamon oil suppliers

Here is the list of top 5 reliable cinnamon oil suppliers. These providers come from both the countries having the original sources of cinnamon and the other.

K- Agriculture Factory

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K-Agriculture Factory

K – Agriculture Factory is one of the top cinnamon oil suppliers from Vietnam, a part of the parent firm, K-Global. With the assistance of Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade, as well as a solid track record of 25 years of development and a global distribution of 80 countries, K-Agriculture Factory is committed to providing the highest-quality goods at the most affordable prices. K- Agriculture benefits from its proximity to raw cinnamon material and its supply network, which has a monthly capability of 15000 tons and a storage space of 21500 tons.
Number: +84855 555 837 (Whatsapp Available)
Website: vietnamesecinnamon84.com
Gmail: sarahnguyen.kagri@gmail.com


Vsimex, a unit of the NIC Group, was founded in 2002 and is one of Vietnam’s major spice, food, and farming products enterprises, including cinnamon oil. Now that Vsimex has a global distribution of 70 countries and is certified by international standards, this company is regarded as one of the leading cinnamon oil suppliers. Aside from that, this firm can offer a wide range of cinnamon oil goods due to its vast manufacturing line located near cinnamon hubs such as Yen Bai, Binh Duong, and Bac Giang.

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Kanta Enterprises Private Limited

Kanta Enterprises Private Limited, based in New Delhi, is an internationally recognized cinnamon oil supplier. This cinnamon oil manufacturer sells natural essential oils, spice oils, and carrier oils, among other things. India MART is the company’s principal sales channel. China and the United States are Kanta Enterprises Private Limited’s top importing countries, while European countries, Korea, Sri Lanka, and the United Arab Emirates are its major exporting countries.


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Vigon is a US-based cinnamon oil supplier that follows the “Passion for Simplicity” philosophy. Vigon has the benefit of being established in the United States, one of the world’s largest cinnamon importers, despite not being near the raw material like other cinnamon oil suppliers. Vigon is committed to maintaining the highest levels of food safety and ethical certifications, such as the Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000), ISO 9001:2015, and ISPM Certification.

KS Essentials

KS Essentials is a new Indian firm that was established in 2018. This firm is a well-known distributor, retailer, trader, and importer of high-quality natural essential oils, including cinnamon oil. At their vendor’s end, the variety of items is made according to the client’s requirements. Because KS Essential is based in India, the world’s largest importer of cinnamon oil, this company is confident in their ability to become one of the most dependable cinnamon oil suppliers of international buyers and domestic ones.

How to realize trustworthy cinnamon oil suppliers

If you had found a list of cinnamon oil suppliers, how to check whether it is reliable or not is a burning question. This section will address your concern by providing helpful tips.

Recognize trustworthy cinnamon oil suppliers based on the certificates

When looking for cinnamon oil suppliers, the number of certificates essentially says something, especially if you’re searching from a long distance. However, keep in mind that both quantity and quality play a function in determining a dependable cinnamon oil supplier. The USDA, Organic Certificate, and others are some of the important certificates to check for.

Recognize trustworthy cinnamon oil suppliers based on the feedbacks

The amount and quality of consumer feedback, like the preceding signs, assists in determining the credibility of the cinnamon oil suppliers. You may also use the website to check on potential clients. To prevent untrustworthy comments or feedback from this firm, double-check the domain or the sources.

Recognize trustworthy cinnamon oil suppliers based on the business history

The company’s prior operations might provide you with further information to do a thorough investigation of the cinnamon oil suppliers. Various sources and platforms can be used to verify the legitimacy of these activity histories.

How to realize SCAM cinnamon oil suppliers

It is undeniable that SCAM is the biggest nightmare of any traders when looking for cinnamon oil suppliers. Check through this part to find the useful tips to avoid SCAM.

Recognize SCAM cinnamon oil suppliers based on the price

Cinnamon is not a seasonal item, thus it is available throughout the year. You should take into account any cinnamon oil suppliers who give a price that is more or lower than the normal market price.

Recognize SCAM cinnamon oil suppliers based on the payment speed

Almost all reputable cinnamon oil suppliers have a set schedule for exchanging cinnamon items. As a result, any cinnamon oil provider that wants you to pay sooner than the contract’s due date is doubtful.

Recognize SCAM cinnamon oil suppliers based on the profile

A classic example of an untransparent profile is the lack of fundamental information such as contact, certifications, or uncertain domains. Keep this in mind if you seek to avoid SCAM cinnamon oil suppliers.

In a nutshell, this article helps provide you with the recommendations of reliable cinnamon oil suppliers in many parts of the world. Along with that, there are helpful tips to avoid SCAM companies and realize the reliable ones. Hopefully, this article is beneficial for you.