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Queen Hair is a top Vietnamese hair supplier in Nigeria, with a decade of expertise producing and providing hair to various hair wholesalers around Africa, particularly in Nigeria. The stories of exceptional entrepreneurs lie behind their success, and this is one of them.

The story about founder of Queen Hair

Ms Jessica was inspired to make a difference as a first-generation college student from a farming background. She has always wanted to contribute to society and provide chances not just for herself, but also for others in rural regions, after graduating from a prominent institution. On a trip to the hilly North East areas of Vietnam, she followed traders and discovered a little-known industry: the human hair trade. She was struck by how much promise she saw in the flowing, lustrous black hair of healthy ethnic ladies. Ms Jessica launched a small scale hair factory in 2000 after several years of accumulating money, studying hair production technologies, and planning.

The story about founder of Queen Hair
The story about founder of Queen Hair

Ms Jessica ultimately obtained larger orders locally and even overseas after many attempts and failures. Ms Jessica, with a vision for the future, transformed the factory into its own distributor in 2000. Queen Hair never lost sight of its essential ideals, even in such a competitive industry. Regardless of how other manufacturers get away with malpractice, Queen Hair vows to solely give clients with the greatest hair products that are ethically made.

Queen Hair thinks that each woman is beautiful and regal in her own right. That’s why we’re here: to empower you with a hair makeover, since every woman deserves to feel like a queen. Each customer that shops at Queen Hair is referred to as a Queen, and we treat them as such by providing the highest hair quality and customer service possible. Discover your inner Queen today with Queen Hair, which is made up of 100 percent real hair, and feel like the most beautiful version of yourself.

Queen Hair ‘s Vision and Mission

With a slogan “Discover your inner queen”, Queen Hair always put customers first, take customers as the goal to develop the business

Discover your inner queen
Discover your inner queen

Vision of Queen Hair factory

Vision: Queen hair aims to be top wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria after 20 years experience in supplying and manufacturing Vietnamese hair for many countries around the world. In addition, we always find a new method to increase our products’ quality to make this more and more beautiful.

Mission of Queen Hair factory

Queen Hair Factory produces and trades in hair market for many years with mission:

  • Encourage Nigerian women to realize their own beauty.
  • As a Nigerian-owned company, our goal is to assist Nigerian women discover their inner Queens by enhancing their inherent beauty with a variety of creative hairstyles.
  • Hair, we feel, is the most natural and exciting method for women to express themselves. Women will shine like Queens when they are most confident and content with themselves.
  • For our Nigerian consumers, we provide high-quality, low-cost items. When it comes to creating items, we always put “quality first.” Every hair extension product we offer to the customer is created with the highest care, and we put the most effort into increasing our hair quality day by day.

Queen Hair ‘s service and product

With a professional sales team with at least 2 years of experience, Queen Hair confidently gives our customers around the world the best and most professional customer care service.

Queen Hair gives free advice for customers

Queen Hair’s team of hair experts will advise all clients on how to grow your business. We offer packages to suit each purpose of your business such as start-up packages, perennial business packages, small business packages, large enterprise packages,… In addition, you just send me your budget, we will advise you on the products that best suit your business and give you some tips for good hair extensions care.

Queen Hair supplys high quality and diversity of products

Queen Hair Factory collect hair from women from 18-35 years old. They have healthy lifestyle and live in good climate so the quality of hair from Queen Hair factory is very premium. They have more than 20 years of experience in hair industry and they can produce goods in high level.

Hair Style Collection of Queen Hair
Hair Style Collection of Queen Hair

Queen Hair ‘s prices

We give hair wholesalers Vietnamese human hair with the best prices. In addition, we also have a price support policy for hair wholesalers to be able to buy our products at the most reasonable price, the discount can be up to 200-300$ for wholesale order.

Queen Hair's price list 1
Queen Hair’s price list 1
Queen Hair's price list 2
Queen Hair’s price list 2
Queen Hair's products
Queen Hair’s products

Feedback from our customer

With 20 years experience in manufacturing and supplying Vietnamese human hair to Africa hair market, especially in Nigeria, Queen Hair is proud of being top Vietnamese hair vendors. We have so many good feedback from our customer about high quality products

Queen Hair's feedback
Queen Hair’s feedback
Queen Hair feedback
Queen Hair feedback

Queen Hair is the ideal alternative for developing your business with a team of hair pros and high-quality items if you’re still seeking for the top Vietnamese hair supplier to work with. To get the greatest wholesale rates and the best advice for your business, contact our hair professionals right now.

Read on if you want to start a hair company but don’t know where to seek trustworthy wholesale hair providers. This article was created to provide information on obscure aspects of the industry and to assist you in selecting the ideal wholesale hair supplier for your hair business: