How is the current 5S hair factory’s hair extension market developing?
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How is the current 5S hair factory’s hair extension market developing?

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The changes of 5S hair factory are now bringing positive signals to the hair extensions market in Vietnam. And let’s update to see the current situation, what achievements have been achieved in the 5S hair factory after the accumulation process?

5S hair factory earns high profits from the hair extension market

From developments over 30 years ago, 5S hair factory is gradually bringing its position to the hair extensions market in Vietnam in general and 5S hair factory in particular. The hair extensions made in Vietnam by 5s are being distributed to many hair dealers around the world.

Not only that, the hair extension products that 5S hair factory makes are also high quality products with prices that are also gradually getting higher along with the hair extension wholesale supplier. It is for that reason that the profits from the hair extension market for 5S hair factory are unimaginable. The strong growth of the current hair extension market is only the first step for the spread of men’s hair extension products to the world.

5S hair factory is expanding the market more and more

Vietnam is constantly integrating with major countries in the world and the 5S hair factory also grasps the current situation and offers many options to approach cooperation and development with those potential hair extensions markets.

5S hair factory cooperate with European hair extension market

The European market is extremely large and it will certainly be a good opportunity to access this market.

  • The European market is famous for its high skills in creating high quality hair extensions along with a long history in the production of hair extensions. Moreover, the European market is extremely difficult to choose when the living standard of the people here is much higher than in other regions.
  • Therefore, if it cooperates and can export hair extension products from Vietnam to the European market, 5S hair factory will have a good reputation in the Vietnamese hair extension market. And of course that was done when 5S hair factory cooperated with the European market and distributed hair extensions to this market. European markets, when realizing the potential of Vietnam hair extensions products sent by 5S hair factory, will conduct long-term cooperation. That’s also the reason why 5S hair factory has so much profit from the European hair extension markets
  • The products that are exported are all products that 5S hair factory must carefully select from the stage of imported raw materials to the production steps at the factory. All are carefully monitored so that there are no errors during long-distance transportation. And because of the difference in currency exchange rates, 5S hair factory products in the European market can bring about 5 to 10 times more profit than other markets in the world.

5S hair factory cooperate with Asian hair extension market

As one of the markets in Asia, how does 5S hair factory export hair extensions to these markets?

  • Vietnam is one of the potential hair extensions markets in Asia. 5S hair factory has been bringing the Vietnamese hair extension brand to international markets and it is certainly indispensable to export these products to markets around Asia. Asian markets will be more receptive to hair extensions of the same type as 5S hair factory’s products. Vietnamese coarse hair compared to the texture of other hair extensions is somewhat superior and since then, hair extension products are also appreciated.
  • When exporting to other Asian countries, we also want to bring to those countries the beauty of Vietnamese hair and spread Vietnamese high-quality products even more. This export not only brings benefits for the 5S hair factory in accessing surrounding markets, to better understand the needs and desires of these markets in order to develop more hair extension products.
  • With such close markets, the quality will be relatively similar, so 5S hair factory has promoted the competition of Vietnam’s hair extensions in these markets to confirm the hair extension products from Vietnamese brands are not inferior to other markets in the world.

Rapidly increasing purchase demand for 5sS hair factory

With such a well-known brand in many international markets, it is not difficult to understand why 5S hair factory receives many purchase suggestions from customers around the world. The demand for hair extensions in general and raw hair in particular brings great benefits to 5S hair factory in the business and development of the hair extensions market in Vietnam. Customers’ expectations for 5S hair factory are very high and go along with product conditions. All are met by 5S hair factory with good reception from the time the customer inquiries, until the product arrives at the customer’s hand, still maintaining the same good quality as the original.