How to lighten hair extensions without bleach: Is it possible to do?
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How to lighten hair extensions without bleach: Is it possible to do?

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Have you ever felt bored with monotonous hair color and wanted to have more prominent hair colors? Even if you want to, but you are hesitant about bleaching your hair extensions or not, the following article is definitely for you.

How to lighten hair extensions basically?

First of all, let’s find out what people usually do to bleach their hair extensions when you go to the salon:

  • Hair bleaching is the process of removing all the black melanin cells from your hair or in other words, it is the time when your hair is really lifeless. This process causes your hair to have a noticeable color change which in turn makes it easier to dye light hair colors when dyeing on black hair.
  • Especially when lightening the color of the hair extensions, it is necessary to use good quality hair extension products to avoid excessive damage after the bleaching process. Thereby preserving the beauty of the product when it reaches the consumer. Customers often choose to connect bleached hair to highlight their personality but also avoid damage to the hair.
  • However, many customers also have to spend a large amount of money to get a satisfactory hair extension, so they do not want their hair extensions to be damaged much, leading to having to restore their hair or even get a haircut. So many opinions are given on whether to bleach hair extensions or not or is there a way to bleach the hair without much damage? Since then, the tips to lighten hair extensions without bleaching have been communicated as much as now.

How to lighten hair extensions without bleaching?

Here are some ways that you can refer to when deciding to lighten your hair at home without bleaching or similar options.

Lighten hair extensions without bleaching’s methods

Lightening your hair naturally is completely possible and please refer to the options below:

  • Bleaching your hair without using any chemicals may sound ridiculous, but it’s doable. Moreover, with hair extensions, it is completely eligible to be able to perform these options at home. So if you want to have a light hair color without damaging your hair, then immediately try the methods introduced below.
  • Have you ever heard of using vinegar to bleach your hair? Now you know it. Vinegar is also considered a cleaning agent because of its high pH, ​​so vinegar is often used as a cleaning product for some foods with odors that need to be handled carefully. Because of its strong bleaching properties, vinegar is also used as a hair bleach without causing too much damage, when you use a sufficient amount of vinegar, your hair will also light up over time.
  • Using baking soda is also one of the suggested products for hair bleaching purposes. Baking soda is used in washing clothes or as a cooking food and of course it can also be used in hair bleaching. When baking soda combines with lemon, it will create a high concentration bleaching compound that can make your hair color quickly become brighter. So please be careful when using and use a sufficient amount to avoid unnecessary damage to the hair.

Take care of hair extensions after lightened

Even if the damage is limited, the hair extensions will still become weak after lightening without bleaching so please refer to the hair care tips below right away.

  • To make sure your hair stays bright as long as possible, hair care is also extremely necessary because if not taken care of properly, the hair color will turn yellow. In addition to basic hair care steps such as how to wash your hair properly or use hair care products, you also need specific products for bleached hair to get the most optimal results.
  • Purple shampoo is an indispensable product in your shopping cart when you decide to bleach your hair or go platinum. This product helps your hair always keep its bright white color and limit yellowing so you should use purple shampoo on hair extensions. However, if you use too much purple shampoo, your hair may also turn purple due to the effect of this shampoo.
  • When your hair becomes weak then natural herbs will be the best solution for your hair extensions. Herbal hair care products are the best option when you can’t find natural products. Herbal products also have the same effect, so use them to get healthy hair.

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