Do you know what are the benefits of Weft hair extensions?
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Do you know what are the benefits of Weft hair extensions?

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The benefits that weft hair extensions bring are the things that customers when using hair extensions are aiming for. But do they really understand all about this product or not? Let’s find out in the article right below.

Overview about Weft hair extensions

Weft hair extensions were produced long before the new wholesale hair extensions markets were established. These hair extensions are mainly made in Europe and used by European aristocrats and royalty. Weft hair extensions are a luxury product these days that are not available or easily purchased everywhere. 

However, later when the technique of producing weft hair extensions was spread, this product became a popular product that many people loved and used because of its convenience. Moreover, with the mid-range price, the weft hair extension is a suitable product for many customers, so it is becoming more and more popular in the global hair extension market.

Characteristics of Weft hair extensions

To better understand this product and its benefits, you must first understand the characteristics of weft hair extensions to understand how to use it and the benefits it can bring to customers.

Pros and cons of Weft hair extensions

Let’s learn about the pros and cons of weft hair extensions to see if it has any outstanding features!

  • Weft hair extensions are designed to be separated and connected to the hair by hairpins, so its flexibility is very high. Many other hair extension products when used must be fixed to the hair, the weft hair extensions can be easily separated, making them more popular because of their convenience. Not only is it easy to use, but it is also easier to take care of the hair when instead of going to the salon to take care of shampoo, customers can completely take care of their hair at home like a separate wig. 
  • The price of the product is also a big plus when it is completely suitable for many customers around the world. Weft hair extensions are produced with many different hair qualities, so it is not too prominent to have many different prices of the product. However, weft hair extensions are produced a lot in Asia and are mainly made from Vietnamese hair or Chinese hair, so the quality can be said to be far different from European hair. European hair has long been no longer used much in the production of hair extensions, but instead Asian hair with careful care from herbs and cheap prices should be chosen more.
  • Because of its wide popularity, it is likely that weft hair extensions are also counterfeited in many markets around the world. It was hailed as the best-selling product of all time but when it arrived it was just a bad quality hair product or worse, a synthetic hair extension. Therefore, customers need to be careful when choosing to buy weft hair extensions on the current hair extension market.

Notices about using Weft hair extensions

The following notes about using hair extensions will be the things you need to keep in mind to get the most beautiful hair extensions.

  • The truth is that weft hair extensions are the most used removable products today because it not only makes the user feel comfortable, but also can be easily maintained and cared for because it is removable. Unlike fixed hair extensions that can fall off after 2 weeks of use, weft hair extensions are the optimal choice for customers.
  • Limit the use of weft hair extensions while sleeping. Many users often forget to remove the hair extension clip after use but it will make your scalp uncomfortable when lying down and can also lead to hair damage. So after use, please remove all weft hair extensions and clean them, then store them in a dry place so that the next use will still keep the same beauty.
  • Clean weft hair extensions gently to avoid hair loss from clips and use shampoos and conditioners according to the same process as normal hair care to keep the beauty of weft extensions. From there, you can easily use weft extensions to add volume to your hair as well as get the desired length after use. This not only avoids damage to your real hair, but also has the beauty of long-haired charming girls.

Weft hair extensions from 5S hair factory

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