K-Agriculture black pepper product characteristics
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K-Agriculture black pepper – Detailed information

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Due to its flavor-richness, pepper has traditionally been regarded as the king of spices, with black pepper being the most popular. This article will explain where the pepper comes from and the unique characteristics of Vietnamese pepper, particularly black pepper.


Black pepper – Product description


Black pepper in Vietnam has historically accounted for a sizeable portion of the global market’s export volume. Not only, but black pepper is also used in almost every meal, the manufacture of spice dóe not require numerous peeling or polishing methods, resulting in a reduced production cost, which is why it is shipped at such a low price.

Soil and climate to grow pepper

Because black pepper has wrinkled skin and does not require many processing steps, it retains its taste and spiciness. China, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, India, and Pakistan are among the nations where it is particularly popular.

Black pepper is grown the most in Daklak, Vietnam, and the K-Agriculture factory is also located in Daklak province, Vietnam.


Product details


K-Agriculture black pepper practically meets ISO BRC, HACCP, and other international quality requirements, and all certificates are renewed yearly.

Harvesting and packaging

When a peppercorn cluster has more than 5% mature fruit, it is harvested as black pepper. The pepper shell shrinks and becomes black after 6-7 days in the sun, or 3-4 days if the sun is shining fiercely.

The pepper will be dried after being exposed to the sun for a period of time in order to maintain a constant moisture level before being packed and distributed.

Demanding markets of Black Pepper

The EU, China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Russia, Thailand, South Korea, Mexico, and South Africa are now the world’s top 10 pepper import markets.

Price of wholesale pepper

There are some countries that import pepper the most:

  • USA 
  • Thailand
  • Spain 
  • Germany

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